Wedding Attendants

Stacey Jerome - Maid of Honor

Laurie's younger sister. Has known her since she was born in 1983.

Currently residing in Rochester, NY.

Jenny Gresh - Bridesmaid

Laurie's best friend since they were 2 - ever since their parents moved in two doors away from each other.

Currently residing in Canandaigua, NY.

Heather Mehl - Bridesmaid

Laurie's best friend and classmate since 7th grade. She was the new girl and I told her she was funny.

Currently residing in Fairport, NY.

Rob Heller - Best Man

Mark's friend, colleague, and former business partner since RIT.

Currently residing outside of San Diego, CA. working as an art director at a graphic design firm.

J.D. Arnold - Groomsman

Mark's cousin and friend. Mark and J.D. used to spend countless weekends together, hanging out and honing their creative computing skills.

Currently residing outside of Chicago, IL. working as a police and SWAT officer.

Joshua Coon - Groomsman

Mark's friend, teacher, and co-worker since RIT. Josh and Mark have worked together on and off for several years and are currently working together at Crosman.

Currently residing in Conesus, NY.