The Proposal

Mark and I decided to head up to Toronto for New Years. Mark and I had been there before but never together or for a long time. We spent a few days mostly walking from our hotel to wherever we wanted to go. We took a walking tour of St. Lawrence Market and we visited Casa Loma, Toronto's only castle. Mark and I decided on New Years Eve to skip the City Hall area when we heard there was already an estimated 10,000 people there. We chose to walk to the water instead.

I made some joke about the weather being nicer than they predicted and almost instantly it started to snow/rain. Drat. We got a little confused as to where we were and a nice guy pointed us back in the right direction. When the new year rang in we were near a firehall on some little hills. We could barely see the CN tower even though it was like 2 blocks away. Mark started to act a little funny. (Later I realized he was looking for a place to kneel and probably figure out what he was gonna say...) We decided to walk a little further and found the park/ice rink we were trying to find in the first place. Then we started to head back. Soaking wet and starting to get cold - I was starting to complain a bit.

Mark took a little detour under a metal gazebo and we stood there for awhile. He asked me to marry him there. He went on his knee and I told him to stand up because he was getting his pants wet. Of course I said Yes! We made it back to our hotel room sometime after 1AM. I was so wet and cold it took me forever to warm up. My clothes were still wet the next morning when we were packing to leave.